Prime + Proper was the decadent, innovative reinvention of a modern steakhouse by Detroit’s Heirloom Hospitality and restauranteur Jeremy Sasson. I collaborated with them on the naming, positioning and branding design & details for this sexy and elegant concept. The brand identity alone tried to marry classic steakhouse and supper clubs with modern vibes using classic typographic, clever logo marks, a metallic and B&W color palette, and intricate patterns.
Deliverables also included print and apparel swag, butcher wrap paper and stickers, wax stationery seals, shirts, high-quality fashion caps, pens, and stationery with the most elegant gold foil stamping and luxurious paper stocks. Rounding out brand are other thoughtful design details — coasters, uniforms, signage/tiles, and, of course, the menus. 
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